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Whistleblower Procedure: Reports Regarding Fruad, Deceit and Illegal Conduct

Whistleblower Procedure:
Reports Regarding Fruad, Deceit and Illegal Conduct

  1. The purpose of the procedure is to enable each employee to report in a free and protected manner any information that has come to his/her knowledge that can indicate the existence of financial
    irregularities, inadequate reporting or internal accounting controls, fraud, deceit or other illegal conduct in the BOS Group (“Prohibited Conduct“).
  2.  Administrators of the Whistleblower Procedure: the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of B.O.S Better Online Solutions Ltd. (“BOS”) and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of BOS (“BOS Audit Committee”).
  3. An employee that information regarding a Prohibited Conduct, has come to his/her knowledge whether committed in the past, in the present or that is planned to be committed in the future, will report such Prohibited Conduct in writing. The report should be as detailed as possible and disclose all of the relevant information in the employee’s knowledge.

    The report can be sent directly, by internal mail, e-mail or regular mail to BOS CEO or to the Chairman of the BOS Audit Committee, to the addresses detailed below.

    In case that BOS CEO shall be named the recipient of the report, BOS CEO will ensure that a copy of the complaint will be immediately submitted to the Chairman of the BOS Audit Committee, as well.

    Complaints regarding BOS CEO should be sent to the Chairman of the BOS Audit Committee in the same manner detailed above.

  4. Credible complaints will be reviewed with the utmost seriousness, while maintaining confidentiality to the fullest extent possible, considering the circumstances and the need to conduct a full review of the facts. BOS CEO and the BOS Audit Committee will take the required measures in order to rectify any inadequacies that may be discovered in an efficient and professional manner.

  5. Employees that are found to be involved in any Prohibited Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action and possibly even termination of employment with the company.

  6. Reporting a complaint under this procedure, in good faith, shall not expose the reporting employee to any actions by the company. An employee that feels that he/she has been negatively affected as a result of filing a complaint hereunder, should immediately notify BOS CEO or the Chairman of the BOS Audit Committee.

  7. Addresses for filing Complaints:

BOS Chief Executive: Mr. Yuval Viner
B.O.S Better Online Solutions Ltd. – Freiman 20, Rishon Le Zion, 75101
Chairman of the Audit Committee: Mr. David Gola
Email: dd.golan@gmail.c

Headquarters :

20 Freiman St.(entrance from Menahem Cohen Street)
Drive-In Center Building, Industrial Zone
P.O. Box 198 Rishon LeZion 75101 Israel

Directions From Route 1 - exit at Shapirim Junction, towards Rishon Lezion. Stay on Rte 412 as it crosses over Rte. 44 and becomes Derekh Hamaccabim. Turn left onto Freiman Street. BOS is located in the Drive-In Center, on the corner of Freiman and Menahem Cohen Street. Turn right onto Menachem Cohen, and enter the parking lot via the driveway. Parking is on the roof of the building, and the entrance to BOS is from Entrance 8, one flight down.