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BOS announces the BOS?NOVA Mobile system Connectivity with iSeries computers makes the cellular telephone a work station

Teradyon Israel, March, 29, 2006 – B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Company” or “BOS”) (Nasdaq: BOSC; Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: BOSC) announced today the launching of BOS?NOVA Mobile, a new technology which converts your telephone to a work station, and enables agents, salesmen and systems managers to receive information from the central iSeries computers in the Company at any place they are located.

BOS?NOVA Mobile, which was developed by the Connectivity Division at BOScom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BOS, combines the convenience of mobile instruments with the ability, stability and power of a BOS?NOVA platform. The system converts mobile instruments such as mobile terminals and cellular telephones to mobile work stations while using the emulation well known in fixed work stations.

BOS?NOVA Mobile is based on a server architecture, enabling central management of work stations, without the need to make local definitions for every mobile instrument in the network. It enables dynamic and remote identifications of users, configurations of mobile work stations, automatic installation and updating of software in the cellular instrument and the mobile terminal. In addition, the system provides a solution to the problem of instability in the network, enables maintaining and retrieving information up to the point when the mobile instrument was cut off.

BOS?NOVA Mobile enables end users to perform their work from any place, while using the emulation known from work stations in mobile terminals and cellular instruments. The mobile instruments maintain a work environment recognized from end stations

Shai Sadeh, the Vice President of the Connectivity Division, said “that the creation of the BOS?NOVA Mobile is part of the process to expand the basket of solutions of the BOS?NOVA products family to additional fields, while maintaining the capability of central management and control tools, also when using advanced instruments. BOS?NOVA Mobile also enables all organizations to shorten the work process, to make the work of agents in the field much more efficient and to keep them all up-to-date in real-time.”

Adiv Baruch, CEO of BOS said “As part of our strategy to provide new cutting edge solutions that empower enterprises to communicate in changing technological and business environments, we are launching the BOS?NOVA mobile to allow our customers to increase operational efficiencies while leveraging current infrastructure.”

About BOS
B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. (the “Company” or “BOS”) (NASDAQ:BOSC; TASE: BOSC) was established in 1990. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, BOS activities are focused on two divisions:
Connectivity division, with products marketed under the BOS?NOVA brand name. These products deliver instant and transparent connectivity from IBM iSeries computers to personal computers, thin clients and browsers.
Electronic Components division, based on Odem Electronic Technologies 1992 Ltd., providing solutions in RFID, semiconductors, electronic components, CCD, imaging, networking, telecom and automation.
BOS, is traded on NASDAQ and on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange.

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