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A 4-in-1 plug-in set of tools providing easily administered Single Sign On for iSeries

Chicago , Illinois (COMMON Expo), March 14, 2005 – Better On-line Solutions (BOS) releases their latest 5250 Client software package: BOS?NOVA Secure. This is an all-in-one solution for totally secure iSeries emulation, delivering security from the workstation through the TCP/IP net to the organization level. BOS?NOVA Secure employs iSeries Kerberos technology and tools, eliminating the need for applications adaptations while preserving existing System Administrator environment.

BOS?NOVA Secure packages TN5250e Client, 128-bit SSL Encryption, a centralized Manager Module along with Single Sign On ability. The TN5250e product is the award-winning BOS?NOVA TCP/IP. SSL encryption enables users to take advantage of the encryption available with OS400 V5R1 or above. The Manager Module allows for control and update of all distributed copies of the BOS?NOVA Secure product, enabling the Administrator to push out configuration, control and updates sent out and lock out user changes to the software distributed over the network. Single Sign On (made possible with OS400 V5R3) is supported on this new Client with the Kerberos technology, positioning BOS as the only other software company in the Midrange market besides IBM who offers this powerful feature to its users. Single Sign On allows the user to synchronize his authentication on Windows Servers with the iSeries, therefore eliminating the need to memorize multiple user id and password combinations.

Pricing and Availability
The BOS?NOVA Secure is available with BOS authorized Business Partners that are listed at BOS website. Special pricing for small medium and large enterprises is available.

About the Company
Better On-line Solutions develops, produces and markets solutions for IBM midrange-to-PC and LAN connectivity, including Internet/Intranet, emulation gateways, and GUI, as well as printing solutions that are operating system independent. The company also specializes in IP Telephony solutions. B.O.S. became a public company in April 1996; its stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol BOSC. For more information visit

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