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Iridiacom, the Hertfordshire based UK distributor has announced a partnership agreement with the communications solutions division of B.O.S. (Better Online Solutions Ltd). Iridiacom have been appointed the exclusive Distributor for the BOS range of VoIP Claro Gateways in the UK.
VoIP Gateway technology provides the ability to connect telephone calls between sites over both public and private data circuits, achieving high quality voice calls at zero cost. BOS gateways act as the central pipeline in the system, transparently routing calls along the path of least cost. These gateways integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure to provide the least disruptive means of migrating to advanced telephony technology. For end users, this means no change in their familiar work environment. For enterprises, this translates into a more affordable, attractive investment, as VoIP products fit in neatly with existing systems and equipment.

Alan Doyle, Iridiacom’s Managing Director said, “…adding the BOS gateways to our product portfolio supplements our existing offerings. The gateways are vendor independent and provide cost effective VoIP to any user regardless of which telephone system they use. Together with H.323 protocol the gateways support SIP which means the BOS gateways can be deployed as remote trunks in a truly distributed VoIP offering, The addition of the BOS range demonstrates that Iridiacom is a leading value-adding distributor with a well thought out portfolio.”

Originally founded as the exclusive distributor of Telrad Connegy solutions in the UK, Iridiacom has carefully selected additional products to complement and enhance its core offering, the Telrad UNITe IP PBX range. Other recently signed distribution deals include agreements with Swan Solutions for the Callview CTI range and Oak Telecom for the Smart Applications range.

Iridiacom will be working with BOS to distribute Claro VoIP solutions across a range of industry sectors, as well as targeting new business prospects via an established network of telecoms dealers and maintainers. Alan believes that the market for VoIP is now starting to mature, with greater awareness among customers of the benefits and cost savings to be gained from voice applications in the IP network. “We are very excited at the prospect of distributing the BOS product range – the products are robust and are well proven in the VoIP arena throughout the world.”

BOS Claro VoIP Gateway Solutions are designed for the enterprise market and OEMs as the cost effective choice for small businesses requiring just a few connections through to mid-sized organisations with hundreds of connections. Iridiacom are preparing a website dedicated to the BOS offering at, which like their corporate website will be a resource for their dealers, providing detailed product information, support and download areas.

Itai Becher Senior VP – Communications Division of BOS commented, “We have been looking for a suitable partner in the UK market for some time and we feel sure we have found the ideal distributor in Iridiacom, they are a technically focused company who have extensive experience in the VoIP market with other products and our gateway range will enhance and strengthen their portfolio’


About BOS

BOS ( which is traded on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: BOSC) and on Tel-Aviv stock exchange (TASE: BOSC), was established in 1990. It develops and markets three types of products:
• A communications products line provides innovative VoIP and cellular gateways solutions to companies and organizations;
• A connectivity products line provides the BOSaNOVA connectivity solutions from IBM iSeries computers to personal computers, thin clients and browsers
• Software utilities products line provides solutions for the design, distribution and management of documents for a range of operating systems, including mainframe, iSeries, Linux, UNIX and for various enterprise applications – ERP, CRM, Financial and Healthcare applications.
In addition BOS supplies electronic and RFID components and technology design services through the ODEM Division, based on Odem Electronic Technologies 1992 Ltd in which a controlling stake was also recently acquired.

About Iridiacom

Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, IRIDIACOM LTD are the UK distributor for the Telrad Connegy range of business communication products. Iridiacom is structured to sell via an approved nationwide network of dealers and maintainers. Along with the full range of Telrad’s Unite IP systems, Iridiacom supply an expanding range of telecoms products, applications and hardware from vendors including Swan Solutions Ltd, Oak Telecom and BOS. For more information, visit

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