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Rishon Letzion, Israel — June 16, 2009 — B.O.S.  Better Online Solutions Ltd. (“BOS”) (NASDAQ: BOSC) today announced the delivery of an RFID-enabled system to Israel’s local veterinary authorities.  The system uses radio frequency identification chips to identify each pet, as well as its medical history and owner, thereby vastly improving the process of domesticating animals and identifying stray pets.  The Local Government Economic Services Ltd. (“LGES”), which provides municipalities and regional councils with services to create economies of scale, has been pilot testing the system to manage the health of over 5,800 registered pets.

BOS devised a unique process for the municipalities in the region which enabled veterinary authorities to inject a RFID chip molded with glass packaging into the first layer of pet skin. This RFID capsule was specifically designed for pets to be suitable for their bodies.

BOS equipped the local veterinary authorities with mobile handheld RFID devices which read the tag data residing on the chip in pet’s body. By collecting this data, the authorities can retrieve information about the pet’s owner, its residential address, and medical history and vaccines, among other information. This data enables the municipality to manage the pet’s health information by region, preventing diseases, tracking preventative treatment of epidemics and managing the owner’s licenses.

“We are pleased to supply this RFID solution for pets,” said Yuval Viner, managing director of BOS RFID and Mobile Solutions. “The delivery of BOS’ RFID system is the first step of the LGES program, and we are proud to have been chosen as its RFID solution provider.” 

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