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Dear Customer,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a valued customer of Connectivity. Please let me introduce myself: my name is Shai Sadeh and I am head of the Connectivity Division of BOS. I have been running the division for over two successful years now. I believe these years have brought about a new spirit in the Connectivity Division, thanks to the great support I have received from my Connectivity Division employees and their enthusiasm: the introduction of exciting new products and a fresh attitude regarding Connectivity customer relations.

My main mission has been, and still is, to introduce new products to iSeries customers by focusing on the area of Web and Mobile environments regarding the iSeries, as well as continuously improving our well known BOSaNOVA family products.

In order to succeed in these missions, the Connectivity Division Developing Team and Support Team have last year been recruiting new employees. I believe that our employees are the most valuable resource to the Division and to our thousands of customers worldwide. I am confident that all of us in the Connectivity Division are now prepared to achieve our goals and to step forward, together with all our customers, towards new future-technology horizons.

Bringing iSeries environment to mobile devices. Remote users can now access iSeries, making work available anywhere, anytime. BOS?NOVA Mobile combines the convenience of the mobile device and the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with the stability and strength of BOS?NOVA abilities when it comes to the iSeries environment.

  • No loss of data
  • Smart and central users management
  • Authentication abilities
  • Enabling user to fit their working screens

by using the Screen Designer module.
BOS?NOVA Mobile is the ideal solution for Field Agents, Sales Personnel and System Administrators who need to retrieve or upload information from any location to their organization’s iSeries, making iSeries available anytime.

The need to extend iSeries access to a mobile workforce has now been answered: BOS?NOVA Mobile enables remote users to perform their tasks from anywhere, using terminals, PDAs and cellular phones.
For more infomation about BOS?NOVA Mobile click here

BOS?NOVA Spooler

BOS?NOVA Spooler is built as a client-server product, and is designed for users that connect to the organization via the Internet in a complete Web environment . A print job routing mechanism is built into the product, based upon dynamic parameters which identify the user and his workstation. The BOS?NOVA Spooler has a mechanism that converts the workstation’s existing system definitions to the new Web-enabled system parameters. Names of the telnet printer devices in the new system, and their local definitions, are built by an automatic conversion process that is initiated when the workstation activates the client station the first time.
The centralized configuration of the BOS?NOVA Spooler server contributes to the fast implementation process at the workstations. The BOS?NOVA Spooler is fully adapted to meet most of the organization’s security needs and support the following features:

The printer client software included in this product is based upon the leading printing software of the BOS?NOVA family of products . It includes complete support for iSeries print output, and complete and easy configuration, including configuration of the smallest details of the local printer.

  • Encryption
  • VPN
  • Protocols conversion between external and internal networks
  • Client certificates
  • Load balancing

For more information about BOS?NOVA Spooler Click here

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