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Odem Electronic Technologies 1992 Ltd., a member of the BOS Group, (NASDAQ:BOSC), signed contracts for the supply of electronic components earmarked for the aviation and telecom markets, to customers in the US and Asia. The aggregate amount of orders is approximately $2 million dollars which will be supllied in a quarter.

Avidan Zelichovski, the joint CEO of Odem said that recently, considerable demand has developed for the Company’s products based on control and sensory chips. “Odem enjoys a considerable demand in the telecom market in Asia, which is now in a period of growth. An additional base for the Company’s operations is the aviation market in the US, which is considered to be the leading market in the world”, said Zelichovski.

Zelichovski expressed his satisfaction from Odem’s operations and said that Odem’s sales and order backlog for the last year have reached an all time record in the Company’s history. He added that: ” These new orders are a continuation backlog for the recent contracts signed in the field of aviation for 5 years with the manufactory facilities of Israeli aircraft industry (IAI) for the manufacture of electromechanically components of different types. The size of the contract is estimated at 3 million dollars. The components are intended for the production lines of the executive aircraft manufacture by the Aircraft Industries.

This contract shows the faith that exists in Odem’s reputation and is an additional step in Odem’s growth of sales” said Avidan Zelichovski..

Odem is engaged in providing solutions of electronic and electromechanical components, electronic systems and RFID for local and international customers in the defense industry and in the telecommunications and imaging fields. The Company represents over 30 large international suppliers of electronic and electromechanical components in Israel, equipment for data communications networks, and products for image processing. Odem also devlopes products and solutions in RFID technology.

BOS ( ) which is traded on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: BOSC ) and on Tel-Aviv stock exchange (TASE: BOSC), was established in 1990. It develops and markets three types of products:

  • A communications products line provides innovative VoIP solutions to companies and organizations;
  • A connectivity products line provides connectivity solutions for IBM computers, from intermediate computers to personal computers and LAN networks and
  • Software utilities products line provides solutions for the design, distribution and management documents for a range of operating systems, including mainframe and UNIX.

In addition BOS supplies cellular adapters based on products of Quasar Communication Systems Ltd, whose assets were acquired by BOS, and design components and services through the ODEM Division, based on Odem Electronic Technologies 1992 Ltd in which a controlling stake was also recently acquired.

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