April 27, 2009

Rishon Letzion, Israel — April 27, 2009 — B.O.S.  Better Online Solutions Ltd. (“BOS”) (NASDAQ: BOSC) today announced the availability of BOSwine™ 1.0, an advanced RFID platform for monitoring the lifecycle of pigs, which enables preventative treatment for disease management.

Empowered by RFID tags, BOSwine™ 1.0 provides a computerized solution to track, monitor and control pigs’ lifecycle, including breeding, insemination, pregnancies, vaccination, transportation, weight and whelping.

“Healthy mothers with healthy pregnancies equal healthy newborn pigs,” said Shalom Daskal, CEO of BOS. “By using the BOSwine™ 1.0 real-time monitoring solution, farms can assure  a healthy swine life cycle .

BOSwine™  1.0, developed by BOS in cooperation with the largest swine farm in Israel, enables the farmer to track and monitor the mother pig during her pregnancy and ensure that  it receives the required vaccines. The solution offers real-time visibility and full traceability of the mother pig and the piglet, enabling automated track and control of health genealogy.

“BOSwine™ 1.0 RFID monitoring system can immediately identify symptoms that are associated with many common illnesses, including swine flu, allowing the BOSwine user to apply early, and more successful, treatment,” explained Yuval Viner, managing director of BOS RFID and Mobile  Solutions. Mr. Viner added: “The earlier an illness is treated, the more effective the treatment will be, thereby preventing the spread of the identified disease.”

BOS provides turnkey RFID solutions for the livestock industry, which include  best-of-breed RFID tags for each animal,  mobile and handheld readers, static wide-range readers, a BOS RFID process server, and software applications that manage the information and that can be integrated with any ERP system. BOS also offers each of these elements – the RFID hardware components, the BOS RFID process server, and the software – as stand-alone products.

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Headquarters :

20 Freiman St.(entrance from Menahem Cohen Street)
Drive-In Center Building, Industrial Zone
P.O. Box 198 Rishon LeZion 75101 Israel

Directions From Route 1 - exit at Shapirim Junction, towards Rishon Lezion. Stay on Rte 412 as it crosses over Rte. 44 and becomes Derekh Hamaccabim. Turn left onto Freiman Street. BOS is located in the Drive-In Center, on the corner of Freiman and Menahem Cohen Street. Turn right onto Menachem Cohen, and enter the parking lot via the driveway. Parking is on the roof of the building, and the entrance to BOS is from Entrance 8, one flight down.