Supply Chain

Supply Chain

BOS' full-service supply chain division is at the forefront of helping large organizations minimize the number of suppliers, a global trend towards minimizing costs. BOS provides electronic components consolidation services, also called kitting, to leading customers worldwide. BOS' supply chain division provides kitting services to the aerospace, defense, medical, and telecommunications industries, as well as to enterprise customers.

In addition, our supply chain division can assist our customers in managing their inventories and exercising quality control on components entering production lines. Customers have also subcontracted to BOS their warehouse management for ongoing projects. BOS can supply all warehouse functions, including leasing, operations, and inventory management.

BOS' supply chain services thus simplify purchasing and procurement procedures for our customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. We are also pleased to assist our customers in sourcing obsolete and difficult-to-find components. By stocking the parts for our customers, we help them reduce lead times to enable "Just-in-Time" delivery, reduce equipment financing costs through centralized management of the stock, and enable deeper discounts in components pricing due to greater purchasing power.


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In BOS-Odem's kitting service, customers define the package of components they need, saving time, effort and money, as well as the logistical headache involved with purchasing from multiple suppliers.

Communications Equipment

BOS-Odem represents, distributes and integrates communication and networking products including routers, switches, wireless systems, gateways, access points, and more.

Case Study: Aerospace and Defense

BOS – Odem Ltd. has been the bridge between vendors and manufacturers for over 20 years, working with aerospace and defense-related companies in Israel, the United States, Europe, and China.
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