Code of Ethics

Code of Business Ethics

This Code of Business Ethics describes the rules of conduct to be maintained by B.O.S Better Online Solutions Ltd. (“BOS” or the “Company”) and its senior managers (CEO, President and CFO) and employees, including its subsidiaries’ employees (all together: “BOS employees”), in the course of their work for the Company and its subsidiaries.


The Code sets forth standards designed to create and maintain an ethical and organizational culture, and to encourage the following:

  • Fairness and ethical conduct, including in the handling of a conflict of interest, either existing or which may arise, between personal relationships and professional relationships.
  • Full, accurate, fair and timely disclosure in the Company's reports and documents filed to the competent authorities (and in the Company's publications).
  • Compliance with the laws, regulations and rules applicable to the Company.
  • The immediate reporting of any violation of the Code of Ethics to the Company officer authorized for this purpose.
  • The taking of personal responsibility with respect to compliance with the Code of Ethics, or violation thereof.


Any questions or comments in relation to compliance with this Code of Ethics shallbe referred to the management representative in this matter, CFO – Mr. Eyal Cohen, Tel: 03 – 9541025, or by email to

The Standards of the Code of Ethics

Whistleblower Procedure: Reports Regarding Fruad, Deceit and Illegal Conduct

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