December 25, 2003

BOS Completes Private Placement Transaction

December 14, 2003

B.O.S. Better On-line Solutions Ltd. Announces $1M Private Placement of Ordinary Shares

December 3, 2003

B.O.S. Better On-line Solutions Ltd. Announces Nomination of a New CEO and President

November 20, 2003

B.O.S. Better On-line Solutions Ltd. Announces Financial Results of Operations for the Third Quarter of 2003

June 30, 2003

B.O.S. Appoints New Chairman and Approves a Cost Reduction Plan

June 9, 2003

B.O.S. Affiliate Surf and Motorola Selected by Toshiba for Packet Telephony Solutions

May 22, 2003

B.O.S. Shareholders Approve a 4:1 Reverse Split Effective May 29, 2003

May 5, 2003

B.O.S. Better On-Line Solutions Announces the Appointments of Affiliate Surf's CEO and Chairman of the Board

April 2, 2003

B.O.S. Granted Temporary Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Exception

February 11, 2003

B.O.S. Announces Green Light for Completing Transaction with Catalyst for the Purchase of Surf Shares

February 11, 2003

B.O.S. Affiliate Surf DSP-Based Board Selected by Telrad Connegy for Kochav and UNITe IP PBX

January 2, 2003

BOS Receives NASDAQ Delisting Notice
Will continue trading pending appeal decision
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