Safety and Security

Safety and Security

RFID technology enables a wide range of people and item-tracking for a multitude of uses. In nearly every industry, from homeland security, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and amusement parks to corporate enterprises, livestock facilities and military organizations, organizations are facing an increasing need to track people, animals or equipment for security and safety purposes.

For example, in hospitals and nursing homes, patient and employee tracking with RFID can be used to locate patients who may have gone astray, key staff in a time of emergency, as well as to manage a patient's medications, lab work, or diagnostic tests. In correctional facilities, RFID tags can be used to ensure the whereabouts of prisoners at all times. In an amusement park setting or sports arena, RFID wristbands can be used to ensure the whereabouts of children. For enterprises and industrial concerns, tracking personnel involved in operations often provides efficiencies in security, quality control, auditing, and performance statistics, among other things.

Similarly, RFID can be used to track an organization's critical assets, be they IT or medical equipment, livestock, weapons, or similar items. In addition to preventing theft and helping to recover lost items, asset tracking enables organizations to know exactly what assets they own, as well as how those assets are being used throughout their life cycles, from acquisition all the way through disposal. Furthermore, many organizations are seeking to generate cost reductions in operations by implementing improved asset tracking, which can reduce shrinkage, lower maintenance costs and optimize asset utilization.

BOS offers a host of RFID solutions to assist enterprises, medical institutions, entertainment facilities, factories, and commercial and government security organizations in their ability to track people, animals, or goods. BOS offers RFID and AIDC hardware, as well as the middleware and software to process, filter and analyze the data.

For example, in a military installation, BOS' RFID offerings can assist in tracking weapons and defense equipment inside buildings, between buildings, and provide accurate reporting of the location and movement of any tagged equipment. By simply installing a BOS-supplied RFID transponder on the equipment, the tag can be read by mobile or stationary RFID readers, which authenticates the tag based on data in the RFID server. The server may be connected to the military base's databases, providing a complete, real-time picture of the weapons and equipment on the base.

BOS can implement similar RFID systems for:

  • IT equipment in corporate settings
  • Medical equipment in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Animal tracking in livestock facilities
  • Tracking of minors in amusement parks, shopping malls or sporting arenas for safety purposes
  • Security installations in airports;
  • Employee- and vehicle-tracking for access to secure locations
  • Prisoner-tracking in correctional settings; and
  • Senior citizens in assisted living facilities and hospital patients; among many other uses.

BOS can customize any asset or people-tracking systems according to the individual organization's needs and goals. BOS can provide active, passive and battery-assisted RFID tags, depending on the security or safety needs of the customer.

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