RFID has long been used in the food and livestock industry, and its use continues to grow, due to new legislation calling for electronically readable identification on livestock, mandates from retailers, and an increasing awareness of the number of paybacks derived from RFID.

In the livestock industry, RFID transponders are worn as ear tags on the animals. This enables fully-automated farm management for such processes as feeding, weighing, disease management, and breeding practices.

BOS offers a number of RFID and mobile solutions to farms, dairies, and ranches. In a turnkey solution, BOS provides best-of-breed RFID tags for each animal, and the farms are equipped with RFID mobile and handheld readers, static wide range readers, the BOS RFID process server, and software applications that manage the information and can be integrated with any ERP system. BOS also offers each of these elements – the RFID hardware components, the BOS RFID Server, and the software – as stand-alone products.

BOS Livestock enables livestock operations to manage, track, support and plan all day-to-day tasks. To date, it supports all farming processes, including real-time tracking of animals and farm equipment, and lifecycle monitoring of all animals, enabling preventative treatment for disease management.

For more information on how BOS can help your organization implement an RFID-based system for livestock management, click here.

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