Retailers from the largest multinational companies to local convenience stores are adopting RFID to optimize their supply chains and inventory management, increase sales and improve customer service. With RFID, retailers gain real-time visibility into inventory and product movement, improving store productivity and preventing theft.  RFID tagging is now mandated by many of the world's largest retailers, a move affecting hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers.

BOS offers retailers, manufacturers and suppliers turnkey solutions for all their RFID needs. BOS can supply retailers with any or all aspects of a complete RFID system: best-of-breed hardware (transponders, mobile and static readers, antennas, and more), proprietary BOS middleware and software, and the expertise to implement them. BOS' expertise in connectivity and implementation transforms individual RFID components into a reliable, predictable, secure system while reducing integration costs and increasing ROI.

One of BOS' software applications, BOStock, is specifically designed for retailers seeking real-time inventory management for stockrooms. The program enables storeroom managers to receive advanced delivery notifications and system alerts for delivery discrepancies, and gives them the ability to locate inventory in the stockroom. BOStock provides inventory managers with a direct communication link to the sales floor, and assists in minimizing inventory loss or theft. BOStock reports on the availability of stock on a company-wide basis, and provides comprehensive merchandise performance data. The data warehouse function captures every step in the sales process, including success rates, alternatives offered and missed sales. BOStock also enables sales floor representatives to instantly check on the availability of a product, offer alternatives if the product is out of stock, and provide the customer with up-to-date product information.

With BOSolutions for retailers, your company will see immediate benefits from cost savings, increased sales, heightened management oversight of operations, and an enhanced purchasing experience for customers.

For more information on how BOS can help your retail organization implement RFID, click here.

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