BOS offers real-time beverage management solutions for manufacturers and distributors seeking to leverage RFID technology to improve margins, customer service, and overall control of the supply chain. Both within the production plant and outside it, BOS' turnkey RFID solution for beverage manufacturers and distributors helps increase the bottom line.

For example, on a beer refill line, BOS' RFID solutions have been used to provide factories with the ability to track, identify, report and retrieve all information of each refill instrument during its preparation and refill cycle. BOS designed special software to enable real-time tracking of kegs, their locations according to refill stages, management reports and advanced key performance indicators. BOSolution for beer refill lines can be used for any production line of iron-based instruments that are inspected, maintained or manufactured.

Within the production plant, BOS' RFID solution can be used to tag each barrel, cask or keg, and provide data such as pictures, product ID, maintenance reports, dispatch information, and expiration dates, all of which can be used to generate management reports. Outside of the production plant, BOS' RFID solutions can assist in barrel asset management, distribution center control, barrel billing capabilities, and barrel maintenance status.

How it works:
BOS provides low frequency tags are welded to each keg, cask, or barrel. A combination of mobile handheld readers and static RFID readers use either the factory's wired or wireless network to relay the information to the RFID BOServer. The server processes and filters the information, and the software application analyzes the data and produces reports. All data can be exported to various MS Office applications and ERP systems already being used by the manufacturer or distributor.

With BOS' turnkey solution for beverage management, manufacturers and distributors increase the automation and control over their supply chains. The system enables:

  • Full coverage of cask movement on line and automatic cask status reporting to the server.
  • Configuration and identification of the stages on a production or refill line with regard to expiration dates, periodical treatments and other special attention a cask or keg might need.
  • Customized reports, including line duration statistics, production/refill plan vs. actual, cask history and more.

Beverage manufacturers and distributors thus gain full control of their production, sales, fleet and maintenance points with BOS RFID solutions. By leveraging the technological advantages of RFID in the production line and throughout the supply chain, beverage manufacturers and distributors are gaining a new way to add value to their customers and increase their ROI.

To learn how BOS can provide your company with an RFID solution for beverage management, click here.

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