RFID & Mobile Solutions

RFID & Mobile Solutions

BOS provides comprehensive Automatic Identification Data Capture (AIDC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and mobile solutions for organizations of every size, enabling our customers to improve efficiencies in enterprise logistics, asset tracking and organizational monitoring. Through our AIDC, RFID and mobile integration services, companies can enhance their supply chain automation, improve asset control and tracking, and manage real-time business data – all of the vital elements for generating higher margins and getting ahead in today's competitive environment. 

AIDC is used across a wide range of industries and enterprises, including industrial, transportation, healthcare, retail and agriculture, among others. The most common uses of AIDC are inventory management, asset management, warehouse operations, and in manufacturing environments. While barcodes are the dominant track and trace technology currently, RFID is an emerging solution that provides the end user with significant incremental benefits. Together, these two technologies allow for enhanced supply chain visibility, enabling deploying enterprises to maximize the value derived from their legacy AIDC investments.

BOS offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions that include best-of-breed hardware, proprietary BOS middleware and industry-specific software applications, as well as the expertise to implement them. BOS' expertise in connectivity and implementation, coupled with our long-standing partnerships and our ability to connect with any ERP system, transforms individual AIDC and RFID components into a reliable, predictable, secure system while reducing integration costs and increasing ROI.

Customers can choose a complete BOSolution or any of the elements as stand-alone products.

BOS ID is a code-free platform that enables the creation of data collection applications without the need for any programming knowledge. Based on templates and logical business flows, BOS ID is designed to work with all RFID and barcode equipment. It allows the applications to integrate into a customer’s ERP or other enterprise systems.

Our BOS RFID Server provides organizations with the ability to administrate any point in their supply and manufacturing chain. Users and managers can securely watch, organize, configure and correlate any RFID device within the local area network or via the Internet. In addition, the BOS RFID Server provides IT departments and manufacturing management staff with the ability to control and track any item, at any location in the lines of production and shipment. By using the "Control" features, users can obtain real-time information on the status of any product, box, palette, container or animal tagged with an RFID transponder.

To find out how BOS can help your company implement a cost-effective AIDC or RFID system, contact: sales@boscom.com.

Read about how BOS has helped companies in the livestock, waste management, beverage, equipment maintenance and vehicle management industries.

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